YU Zmanim

Davening Times for Tzom Gedaliah
On the day after Rosh Hashanah (Wednesday Oct. 5), Tzom Gedaliah, follow Monday/Thursday times for Selichos and Davening, NOT FAST DAY TIMES.

Upcoming Minyanim (Click for details)

Minyan Location Time
Shacharis Haneitz Muss Beis 6:25
Shacharis Fischel Beis (M-F) 6:30
Shacharis **ZYSMAN 103** M-Th Sefard 7:00
Shacharis Zysman 101 M-F 7:00
Shacharis Fischel Beis 7:20
Shacharis Glueck Beis 7:45