Zmanim for Washington Heights (10033)

Seforim Sale 2016
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Zman Time
Alos Hashachar 5:35:11 AM
Earliest Tallis and Tefillin 6:06:42 AM
Sunrise 6:57:57 AM
Latest Shema (MA) 8:52:42 AM
Latest Shema (Gra) 9:34:04 AM
Chatzos 12:10:11 PM
Earliest Mincha (Gra) 12:40:11 PM
Plag Hamincha 4:17:22 PM
Shekiah 5:22:26 PM
Earliest Shema (Rav Schachter) 5:50:41 PM
Latest Shema 12:09:36 AM
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